January 30, 2015

Rennie on the Referendum

From CKNW:


Vancouver business leader suggests changes in Translink governance


A prominent business leader in Vancouver is suggesting, whatever the outcome of the upcoming transit tax vote,  the governance of Translink must change.

“As an arm-chair watcher in all of this, I think that you’ll see some changes at Translink. People don’t want to hand over money, if there’s a perception there’s not strong management.”

Real Estate marketer Bob Rennie says the biggest hurdle facing the ‘yes’ side is convincing voters any money collected will be spent wisely.

“I don’t think anyone’s going to give them a blank cheque and maybe, there should be a change in leadership of Translink and then, that will take that argument away from the no side because maybe what the no side is saying, ‘Let’s be prudent.’ ”

Rennie, who’s one of the BC Liberal Party’s biggest supporters, denies he has any inside knowledge about future plans for Translink.

The self-proclaimed worst collector of parking tickets in Vancouver is also speaking out in favour of the new tax to fund transit improvements because more people living in the downtown core are using transit.

“There is no free ride. Either we’re going to pay this half-point increase tax and future-proof Greater Vancouver with better transit, whether it’s rapid transit or more buses etc. or we’re going to start widening roads to fit the cars. More policing, more car insurance, force our kids to be in cars and they don’t want to be.”

Rennie says he supports anything that keeps people from bringing cars into the city.


Prediction: There will be changes to TransLink.  It will make little difference to the position of the No side.

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  1. Bob Rennie as always is succinct and understands the issues around the Transportation Referendum well. I also think that accountability of funding for Translink is going to be important to voters, and increasing that transparency is fundamental.

    However I do believe that Bob is the best collector of parking tickets in Vancouver not the worst. I admire Bob on many levels.