About VWPT

About VWPT

Viewpoint Vancouver is a curated forum on the past, present, and future of our region. We talk about how we live and move in cities, sharing information and ideas on urban planning and design, culture, mobility, and politics.


Gordon Price launched this project in 2003 as Price Tags, an electronic newsletter which evolved into a blog to share his perspectives with friends and colleagues. In 2018 it birthed Price Talks as a podcast. In 2021 Price Tags re-launched as Viewpoint Vancouver, with the goal of becoming the region’s go-to source for urbanist news and issues. Viewpoint’s contributors are mainly based in the Vancouver region, covering issues in the Vancouver region, the Pacific Northwest, and the world.


Gordon Price  Publisher and Editor-in-Chief

Gordon Price is a Fellow with the SFU Centre for Dialogue. He was Director of the City Program at Simon Fraser University until 2016. In 2002, he finished his sixth term as a City Councillor in Vancouver, BC.  He also served on the Board of the Greater Vancouver Regional District (Metro Vancouver) and was appointed to the first board of the Greater  Vancouver Transportation Authority (TransLink) in 1999.

Gordon is a regular lecturer on transportation and land use for the City of Portland, Oregon and Portland State University.  He also sits on the board of the Sightline Institute, based in Seattle.

Sandy James  Editor

Carmen Mills  Production Manager


Viewpoint encourages contributions from a range of voices and perspective, that are in alignment with our subject matter and fundamental principles. We welcome submission inquiries, and suggestions for articles and podcast guests. We will consider unsolicited submissions but cannot guarantee that they will be published.


VWPT welcomes your comments on articles and podcasts.

All comments are moderated. We will not publish comments that are abusive, racist, sexist, or targeting marginalized groups, or which personally target other commenters, writers, or individuals. For safety reasons, please do not include external links within comments. For more information about our comment policy click here.


We are happy to promote events which fall within our mandate. Send event information to info@viewpointvancouver.ca.


Please contact us at info@viewpointvancouver.ca

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