About Viewpoint Vancouver

About Viewpoint Vancouver

Viewpoint Vancouver is a personal conversation about the past history,the now, and the future potential trajectories of Metro Vancouver.  We write about what we are interested in, and we write about this place.  We are excited by change, new development and design, innovations and good work in transportation, and the impact of density and technology on our cities. We are also interested in the importance of maintaining happy and resilient communities that support good mental and physical health.  Expect us to talk about anything that interests us in a positive manner, and inviting your comment and thoughts of what you have seen and experienced as well. There’s also lots of articles on urban planning and design, and as always the latest news on culture, mobility and local politics. We also are fascinated by the urban found zany, as you will see by browsing through our “Friday file”.


Sandy James  Publisher and Editor-in-Chief (interim November -December 21, 2022), editor/contributor 2015-2022

Sandy James is a city and walkability planner and is the Managing Director of the Walk Metro Vancouver Society, promoting best practices for creating walkable and accessible cities. As a practicing city planner for over three decades, Sandy has spoken, consulted and worked in Europe and Asia and across Canada and the United States. Sandy has been a planner with the City of Vancouver and created the urban gardening program “Blooming Boulevards” as well as being Vancouver’s Greenways Planner. In 2016 Sandy was a TEDx speaker on walkable cities in Carson City, Nevada. She’s been providing content to Viewpoint Vancouver since 2017 on a consistent basis. She wrote  the chapter “Vancouver and the Walker”  in the book “Walking: Connecting Sustainable Transportation with Health”.

Carmen Mills  Production Manager

Carmen is a talented and quick on the feet production manager who loves to bicycle everywhere. Carmen is also one the original Dinosaurs Against Fossil Fuels who in costume rallied at many events including the World Petroleum Congress. Carmen can also bicycle while dressed up in a 3.5 metre  high dinosaur costume.

Honourable Mention

Gordon Price  Founder

Viewpoint Vancouver “grew” from the electronic newsletter first incepted by Gordon in 2003. He remains the founder of this newsletter but is no longer  involved in management or content.


This “blog” started as an electronic newsletter and evolved with the development of the internet into former City Councillor Gordon Price’s urban perspectives under the old moniker “Price Tags”.

This was rebranded as Viewpoint Vancouver in 2021, and looks at the urban history and evolution of Metro Vancouver with a host of guest writers and perspectives. Contributors and commenters are in Metro Vancouver and beyond, providing a unique west coast perspective to the Pacific Northwest urban locale.

In November 2022, Sandy James took over the editorship after contributing content for seven years. Sandy is a former City of Vancouver planner with a background in health planning and engineering who is enthusiastic about the unique and exceptional urban work developing in Metro Vancouver.


Viewpoint encourages contributions from a range of voices and perspective, that are in alignment with our subject matter and fundamental principles. We welcome submission inquiries, and suggestions for articles. We also have thoughtful commenters and curate the comments to ensure that they are respectful and are on the subject.  We will consider unsolicited submissions but cannot guarantee that they will be published. There is no tolerance for bigotry or racism of any kind. The publisher’s decision is final.


VWPT welcomes your comments on articles.

All comments are moderated. We will not publish comments that are abusive, racist, sexist, or targeting marginalized groups, or which personally target other commenters, writers, or individuals. For safety reasons, please do not include external links within comments. For more information about our comment policy click here.


We are happy to promote events which fall within our mandate. Send event information to info@viewpointvancouver.ca.


Please contact us at info@viewpointvancouver.ca

Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

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