October 6, 2022

Price and Ladner place bets on Election ’22

With a 10-day countdown to Election Day, Gordon Price pulls in ex-NPA-Council-crony-turned-urban-food-security-activist-and-all-around-mensch Peter Ladner for a frank talk on what is up with this wacky election. With 58 candidates for Vancouver City Council and 10 registered parties in the running, Peter and Gord attempt to make some sense of it all.

Among many chewy topics on the table, they consider: can anyone entice the centre Left to ride to a City Hall majority—and do these labels still have any meaning? Are the developers still putting up the campaign bucks and calling the shots? Are the old white guys truly done for, and if so, will the next generation clear the way for a new wave of bulldozers? What are the issues everyone is afraid to touch? And, is there a political dark horse in the race—and if so, is it NPA defector Colleen Hardwick?

Along the way Peter floats a plan for a luxury tent city, Gord declaims that property taxes are too low, and Peter does a 180 on the old ward system debate. Hang in there for the moment when Peter says “down, boy!” to Gord.

The episode wraps with some serious name dropping. Find out who Peter and Gord personally like. You may be surprised.

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