July 28, 2021

What city is furthest from Vancouver?

This website shows you which cities are the furthest away from other major cities.  For instance, the furthest city from Toronto is Perth (which is true for dozens of cities worldwide).

So, Vancouver?

Vancouver (BC), Canada Umlazi, South Africa 16,948


If you’re a stickler for detail, then here it is:

Furthest Cities (Population 100k+)

City Distance, km
Umlazi, South Africa 16,948
Durban, South Africa 16,948
Port Elizabeth, South Africa 16,934
Toliara, Madagascar 16,907
Pietermaritzburg, South Africa 16,886

Furthest Cities (Population 1,000,000+)

City Distance, km
Antananarivo, Madagascar 16,536
Harare, Zimbabwe 15,822
Lusaka, Zambia 15,447
Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of the Congo 15,040
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania 15,020

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  1. My mother used to watch me dig holes and tell me that if I kept digging I would go all the way to China. I am disappointed to learn that it would have been Madagascar. I am even more disappointed to realize that half the way I would have been digging uphill. Sigh. At least I got to go to China the old fashioned way, by flying.

  2. Fascinating website, but not quite accurate: the distance between Vancouver and Cape Town, South Africa is 16,444 km and Cape Town has more than 1 million inhabitants, so it is further than all those +1 million cities listed except for Antananarivo, Madagascar. Which makes you wonder how accurate these lists are anyway…
    Regardless, I can tell you from exhaustive personal experience that flying between Cape Town and Vancouver is just about as far as you can fly, as it’s literally traveling half way around the globe.

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