May 14, 2015

One Last Poll before the referendum results

As Jeff Nagel reports: Transit referendum participation nearing 40 per cent



Just over two weeks to go.  So time for one more poll on what you think will happen (not what you want to happen):


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  1. My prediction: yes will scrape a tiny majority. Christy Clark will say that it is not a binding referendum and the results are unrepresentative. No money will flow to the Mayors’ plan but a few projects which benefit BC Liberal narrow political concerns will proceed, but are announced separately, one at a time, as needed.

  2. I predict the No side will get 60% and there won’t be any action on transit until after the next provincial election. I believe that’s exactly what the BC Liberals wanted.

    1. Let’s not confuse a desire for no more taxes and a desire for transit.

      MetroVan mayors have ample choice to fund transit, but chose a convenient non-decongestion route: sales tax increase. Why not higher parking fees on residential roads, higher property taxes to also monetize the huge amount of cash arriving here for real estate, far higher development levies and/or curtailing excessively paid civil servants especially their unsustainable pensions ?

      Or a debate on road tolls as that is surely the best way to fund rapid transit and decongest roads ?

      More on excessive wages and benefits here:

      If you want more transit, get CUPE involved for significant concessions over the next decade, NOT the tax payer please.

      Funding for civil servants’ pension reform is critical in this tax & transit context !

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