April 28, 2015

Ohrn Images: Abuse

I was quite startled the other day to see a motor vehicle take the path shown (below) along the bike lane on Point Grey Road just west of Macdonald Street.

The vehicle travelled the full length of the bike lane, and then proceeded west on PGR.  This in defiance of the sign reading “no entry except bicycles”.

This behaviour is enabled by the driveway curb cutouts required at a few places along the bike lane, and by the width of the lane — particularly at the western end (second photo).  The lane there has a concrete island, but the opening is still wide enough for a motor vehicle to pass through.




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  1. The opening is wide enough there to allow one specific kind of motor vehicle through: an emergency vehicle. Interestingly enough, I had wondered how many cars do this kind of illegal maneuver when I rode past there this weekend.

  2. That’s the first I’ve heard of. Could have been a mistake. I’ve done the same thing in Avignon. After taking a quick right turn I found myself on a pedestrian street filled with restaurants on one side and tables on the other with nowhere to turn around. After scattering a few waiters and patrons I came to the sinking realization that pedestrian streets may not end in real streets and I was right: I ended up in the courtyard of the Palace of the Popes, looking another pedestrian road to escape on.

    1. This made me laugh as I have experienced this numerous times while driving in Europe, although not in Avignon (parked outside the City and walked in). Pretty bold move to drive in that city!

  3. I wish I had my camera to record the two cyclists who nearly bowled me over the other day. They apparently had the impression stop signs did not apply to them (I wonder who encouraged that idea), and that pedestrians were a mere impediment to their outing.

  4. If it only happens occasionally, it is not worth putting up hazardous bollards for – or getting worked up about (even if it is deliberate). Drivers doing this once in a while is not a major safety hazard.

    1. Awhile back I saw someone driving a car out of the driveway (just past the sign in the first picture) and instead of going left on the paved driveway that joins MacDonald, turned right and slowly went West. Maybe they didn’t live there, only just visiting and were just confused about what to do to exit. Anyway, it wasn’t a problem but it won’t be good if this becomes a common thing.

  5. I’ve seen cars accidentally head down the bike lanes on Dunsmuir only to get trapped by the planters & curbs. They always seem a little flustered (or even panicked!) rather than bullying or indignant.

    Hopefully this driver was just confused and not someone that’s decided to take regular short-cuts.

  6. As all drivers and road-users know (or should be able to foresee), not everyone obeys the rules, and there are often people of all stripes that either make mistakes, take liberties or flout the rules.

    On the mistake front, I have often seen cars driving the wrong way down Smithe or Nelson Streets in downtown Vancouver with honking oncoming traffic barrelling down on them.

    You’ll also often see cars (esp. taxis and couriers) stopping in “No Stopping” zones.

    There are also often cars trying to turn left off Georgia St. downtown, until a barrage of angry honks from behind them convince them to move on.

  7. Be advised that on a regular, daily basis, cars and trucks travel both up and down the bike lane at the juncture of Macdonald Street and Point Grey Road; many speed through, both during the day and at night, well aware that they are breaking the law and endangering cyclists. As well, cars and trucks regularly, daily, blow through the diverters at Collingwood and Blenheim on Point Grey Road; I see it every time I walk the road. I have repeatedly reported this to the City for over 2 years, but to date they have done nothing about it. Likely, as per the norm, a death will be required before any change is made to prevent this behaviour. Incidentally, some of these lawbreakers are VERY well known individuals in the city who seem to think that the law does not apply to them.

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