January 18, 2021

A Winter’s Walk~54 Steps to Kitsilano’s Secret Beach

At the end of Cameron Avenue accessed from Alma Street is a steep public staircase that has exactly 54 steps. There’s two landings as well, but those are not counted in the poem posted at the top of the stairs.

The poem is written by Robert A. He may be the gentleman that stopped at the top of the stairs, told us it was his 72nd birthday, and he had just scaled the stairs eight times to celebrate.

Part of the  poem reads:

“I am fortunate. Around the corner from My house there are 54 Steps.

Down to a Rocky Beach. We call it “the crab beach”. Always can delight Little and big kids.

By gently lifting a rock Watch the baby crabs Scuttle away.My steps are my Meditation, My aerobics

My beautiful outside Stair masterView of the City Over English Bay, Mountains, boats

Ever changing light. And weather

Twenty times a thousand steps Give or Take. “Doing the Steps” Understood by family, friends.”

And then there’s the view. You can look north at the boats, east to the city, and south to the cliff side mansions along Point Grey Road.

The secret beach is  surprisingly private, marvellously close to water and slippy moss covered rocks, and at low tide walkable around to Kitsilano Beach or in the opposite direction  towards Jericho Beach.

When you scramble back up the public staircase you can access the foot of Dunbar Street where there is an old foreshore interpretation map and a cardboard add on, which asks “What More Do You Need?”

And the scribbled on answers will surprise you~answers written in pen state “music art and dancing” “more good words” “say hello to strangers to create and invite community”. There’s no weird stuff. None.


You can take a look at this blog post in “A Walk and a Lark” by Josy which outlines some great walks and access points along the foreshore of this area of Vancouver.  You can also access the 54 Steps to Kitsilano’s Public Beach from Point Grey Road at Dunbar, as shown below.



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