Ken Ohrn:

People get around in Vancouver in lots of different (and changing) ways.  In this photo, we see what I think are several types of multi-mode trip.


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Clearly, people are getting on and off the bus, and walking to their final destination. And one transit passenger has a bike on the bus rack, and will ride it somewhere when they get off the bus, and probably rode it to the bus too.

Meanwhile, across Granville Street at the Vancouver City Centre Canada Line Station, a man walks away from the station after having completed his transit trip. And it is quite possible that one of the bikes parked at the station belongs to someone who made the next part of their journey on the Canada Line.

Lots of ways to get around, lots of great choices.

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  1. Note that many folks use the car. Also note that using a bus is a choice that many folks use only because faster RAPID transit solutions do not exist.

    Transit investment are badly needed in MetroVan and the main reason they do not exist is that CUPE has raided municipalities revenues for excessive public sector wages and benefits not leaving any surplus $s for the necessary investment.

    Please report about this relationship widely. This topic is far too under reported in the ( unionized ) media, and of course not evens ruined by MetroVan officials or TransLink.

  2. It’s strange how some things just don’t make the first draft.

    This is what trips look like for 50% (and rising) of the trips taken in Vancouver. Walking, cycling and transit.

  3. talking of commute, Thought the pricetags readers could be interested to see how it happened today:

    It is is how the line up for the bus bridge at Joyce station was looking up ~9:30am

    You can look on a map to get an idea of how long the line can be (boarding is at the west house station after having loop around it: there is only so much you can do with buses:

    Save for the occasional cyclist complaining about people standing in the bike lane (was he Ken Ohrn ?), things were orderly and smooth.

    Line up along Joyce (due to bus 43, 19), was also significant:

    Lot of people elected to use their car this morning, and the buses was sitting still in heavy traffic on Kingsway.

    While Translink has dramatically improved its management of skytrain closure (notice the bus LED sign informing people about that), in this particular case, having keeping Kingsway operating as at rush hour (no parking) up to skytrain service restoration could have helped a lot the buses operation.

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