April 9, 2015

Calling all transport geeks: An evening of transportation trivia – Apr 13

Discourse Media, a team of data and transportation journalist-nerds, is holding an evening of transportation trivia to support Moving Forward, a data-driven project about the Metro Vancouver referendum.




So far, their reports have covered funding sources for transportation, explaining why revenues aren’t projected to meet increased demands from growth in the region, and explored how transportation funding is spent in Metro Vancouver. Last week the group’s most ambitious report yet, a Cost of Commute Calculatorcaptured the wider cost and benefit of driving, taking the bus, cycling and walking in Metro Vancouver. Moving Forward has been making an impact so far – over 10,000 people calculated the costs of their trips in just a single day last week. Data for the trivia night was gleaned from all the research that went into their reports.

“In order to keep publishing through to the end of the vote, we’re asking those who value our work to help us reach our funding target by supporting our Indiegogo campaign,” says Erin Millar, co-founder of Discourse Media and managing editor of Moving Forward. “We also just want to have some fun by throwing a geeky party. So come join us and our journalist friends for beers and transportation trivia.”


Monday, April 13.

Door open 6 pm. Transit trivia starts 7 pm

Tangent Cafe, 2095 Commercial Drive

The cost of entry to the event is the cost of your commute. Calculate it here.

To support the Moving Forward crowdfunding campaign, visit here.

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