March 4, 2015

PICS: Transit Vote Surrey – Mar 9, Burnaby – Mar 10


Transit Vote Surrey: Rapid Transit for Rapid Growth

Speakers: Elizabeth Model and Stephen Dooley

Date: March 9 – 1 to 2 pm

Webcast here 

Where: Room 3090 at SFU Surrey Campus, 250 – 13450 – 102nd Avenue

Surrey is expected to nearly double its population and number of jobs between 2006 and 2041. However, as a city on the rise, it’s already beginning to feel the growing pains of congestion and a strained transit network. The proposed transportation improvements for Surrey include a new light rail transit system through to the Langleys as well as improved bus service. The purpose of this dialogue is to explore the transit referendum through the lens of Surrey’s business and student community.




Transit Vote Burnaby: Congestion, Health, and Livability

Speakers: Benjamin Dachis and Meghan Winters

Date: March 10 – 5:45 pm

Webcast here 

Where: Fraser-Thompson Room of the Diamond Alumni Centre, SFU Burnaby Campus Burnaby, 8888 University Drive

Join us at SFU Burnaby to hear from two experts as they describe the current situation as well as what to expect in the future. With the transit referendum on the line, a number of potential transportation improvements could help to alleviate stress on the road network as well as offer more sustainable commuting options for residents. Find out what these transit options have to offer.


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