March 2, 2015

City Conversation: Winners & Losers – Mar 5

The next City Conversation at SFU Burnaby: 


Winners and losers: An SFU student conversation on the Transportation Referendum



How will students be affected if the upcoming Transit and Transportation referendum passes, or fails?

What might happen to U-Passes? What will be the impact on bus and transit lines that students heavily use? How do students register, and vote?

Those will be key questions at a free public conversation on Thursday, March 5, 12:30 to 1:30 PM, at the SFU Theatre on Convocation Mall, at the SFU Burnaby campus. It’s a lunchtime event, so feel free to bring your lunch.

The conversational format features Jonathan Coté, the youthful new Mayor of New Westminster, Bahareh Jokar, UBC, and student co-Chair of the Yes! campaign for the referendum, and Tiffany Ottohal, the chief student negotiator for the U-Pass program.

These presenters will briefly frame the referendum issues that affect students. Then 15 to 20 student and expert Participants will pepper the presenters and each other with questions, comments and observations. It’s a conversation!

At the same time, audience members will participate by tweeting questions and comments to Moderator Mike Soron, the Executive Director of Sustainable SFU.

Students will be able to register to vote as they enter or leave the event. To register, they need to bring their driver’s license number or their Social Security number.

The referendum begins March 16. Elections BC will mail ballots to all registered voters in Metro Vancouver. Completed ballots must be mailed back by May 29, and return postage is pre-paid. 

This special conversation is sponsored by Sustainable SFU, the Simon Fraser Students Society, the SFU Graduate Students Society, SFU Urban Studies Graduate Students Association, Moving in a Livable Region, and SFU City Conversations, a public conversation program at SFU Vancouver at Harbour Centre, presented by SFU Public Square.


City Conversations returns March 19 to SFU Vancouver at Harbour Centre.


ThursdayMarch 5

12:30-1:30 pm

SFU Burnaby – SFU Theatre on Convocation Mall


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