February 18, 2015

Referendum: MLA Response – Peter Fassbender

Price Tags is asking every MLA in Metro Vancouver questions about the referendum.


Peter Fassbender, Liberal MLA for Surrey-Fleetwood:


How will you advise your constituents to vote on the Transportation & Transit Referendum?

I will urge all my constituents to support the referendum. Transportation is a critical part of the future of the City of Surrey and the entire region. All our citizens are impacted by a strong transportation system!


What is the priority in the Mayors package (if any) for your riding?

The package (Vision) developed by the Mayors reflects both short and long term needs as it relates to Surrey. This includes more frequent and reliable bus services and rapid transit (light rail) options.


How do you plan to participate in the referendum campaign?

I will take every opportunity to share what I have learned over the years as a strong advocate for Transit not only in Surrey, but South of the Fraser and the region as a whole!


Any other comments?

All of us need to be committed to realizing the importance of Transit and an integrated Transportation Plan and the investment required to see it realized. It is also critical that voters realize that every penny raised through the .05% increase in the PST in the region will be dedicated to the Vision developed by the Mayors.


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