February 13, 2015

Referendum: MLA Response – Mike Farnworth

Price Tags is asking every MLA in Metro Vancouver questions about the referendum.


Mike Farnworth, NDP MLA for Port Coquitlam:


How will you advise your constituents to vote on the Transportation & Transit Referendum?

I will be voting Yes and advising constituents to vote yes as the referendum is good for my community and our region.


What is the priority in the Mayors’ package (if any) for your riding?

The key priorities in my community will be for better and expanded bus service that will be able to serve our existing community and the new development that is taking place as well as ensuring good links with the new Evergreen line that will open next year. The addition of more cars to the West Coast Express is also a top priority.


How do you plan to participate in the referendum campaign?

I will engage with voters in my community through direct contact, newsletters and my constituency office.


Any other comments?

I believe that this referendum, as ill conceived as it is, may be the best route at this time, to get a comprehensive transit plan kick-started into gear.  Our communities and region need good public transit and roads to move people and goods and to help shape land use and development in the Lower Mainland.

As someone who has be actively involved on these issues in my community for more than thirty years it is crucial.

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