February 6, 2015

The Referendum So Far

Summed up by Graham Harrop in the Vancouver Sun:



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  1. I was talking with a friend the other day who was trying to convince me to not vote yes. After trying to explain his position, he went on a rant about the stadium roof and some other things and then it boiled down to this – That he was in favour, of course, of all the things the half percent tax would go to but he just does not trust “them” to spend it on that and suspects that instead they’ll blow it on some megaproject we don’t need that will only benefit the developers or companies (who in his mind are friends of “them”.)

    So that makes me wonder what assurances we have that this money will only go to this project and not just go into general revenue. Do we have that assurance?

    1. I think there will be a lot of bloody political hell raised if the funds don’t go toward the plan that was approved in the referendum. At the end of the day that’s probably better assurance than we have for any of the other taxes we pay.

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