January 23, 2015

Referendum: The Cat Box Contest

Just got this email from Meredith:

I am doing my part for the Yes side in the upcoming transit plebiscite and created three posters which I’m offering at no charge for posting, copying, distribution, etc., or to line Jordan Bateman’s cat box.
And here they are:
Meredith 1 Meredith 2 Meredith 3
Let the challenge begin: making the case for Yes in a visually exciting way!
Come up with your version for the contest I just started in this very post.  Entries due by February 14, when we’ll announce a winner.  (Chocolate may be involved.)
I was thinking we could get Jordan Bateman to judge … but maybe we’ll just open it up to y’all.
You can send your entries to pricetags (at) shaw (dot) ca.  Start now.

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  1. Great start. But the word to use seems to be “referendum” – plain English being more effective than policy wonk speak. The two words have the same meaning in general, with inconsistent regional variations.

  2. You should register your observation with Min. Todd Stone. The Prov. Gov’t changed the wording from the Mayors’ “referendum” to “plebiscite”. There may also have been a pseudo-technical reason for this.

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