January 30, 2014

Learning from LA: The Auckland Perspective

Further to the post below on the background to Los Angeles’s Measure R initiative, the transportblog in Auckland (a version of which we could use here), ran a two-part series on Los Angeles transit by Darren Davis, a Principal Transport Planner for Auckland Transport.

Part 1  on The revival and future of rapid transit in Los Angeles is here – including this link to a very cool interactive timeline on the development of the system over the last quarter century.




Part 2 is here.


After reading the series, Matt L, an Auckland logger, comes up with some lessons in What we can learn from LA – including this one that will no doubt be relevant for Vancouver as we proceed with a vision to put forward to voters:

… another important aspect that the council/AT will need to get right is a map to communicate the vision.  … as I pointed out the other day it can be hard to see what the longer term plans are or how the individual rapid transit services would operate. For that a network map showing the overarching vision … is extremely useful as it allows for the existing network to still be seen.


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