October 27, 2022

Love the Lane! (Why Is this even necessary?)


We’re inviting anyone who loves cycling in Stanley Park to join us for #LoveTheLane, a celebration ride around Stanley Park Drive.

We want the new commissioners to leave the lane in place until the new design is ready to implement. A lot of us are concerned that if the lane is removed, we will never get it back.

When: Sunday, October 30, 2022.

Starting point and time: 10:30am Ceperley Field in Stanley Park, rain or shine.

Aerial photo of Ceperly Park area adjacent to Third Beach in Stanley Park.

This is an unofficial, family-friendly group celebration ride, this is not a critical mass-style ride. We’re not planning to impede vehicle traffic any more than is necessary for safety.


More info at Love the Lane.

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  1. Unable to attend. But. I did ride the road around. And what struck me was- the bike lane hasn’t, to my knowledge, been lauded for the facility it proffers as a safe cycle athlete training circuit or become the annual Tour de Parc
    Vancouver. Our outgoing Park Board have given ongoing support to the replacement of the Aquatic Centre because it can not accommodate international swim meets. The replacement pool will cost $100M plus. But the thought of. making adjustments to the Park’s road geometry to accommodate both vehicular and bike traffic at a small fraction of the cost of a new Olympic swim and dive pool is not even being considered. Or at least spoken about. It seems that there’s a lack of equity in the decisions made about different recreational and athletic facilities.

  2. “Love The Lane” Celebratory Ride Postponed

    Due to an inbound atmospheric river severe weather event, organizers of #LoveTheLane have postponed the group bike ride around Stanley Park one week, to November 6. Expected heavy rain and strong winds could lead to unacceptable hazards this weekend, such as falling tree debris and road flooding. We want everyone to stay home, and stay safe!

    What is Love The Lane?
    On October 15, voters elected a completely new Vancouver Park Board, with ABC candidates winning six out of seven positions. ABC elected officials and campaign staffers have been telling the media that one of the first acts of the new majority Park Board will be to remove the protected bike lane from Stanley Park Drive for the winter, redesign it, and reinstall a new design in time for next summer. The organizers of LOVE THE LANE want the new commissioners to leave the existing protected and separated bike lane in place until the new design is ready to implement. Many cyclists are concerned that if the lane is removed it will not be restored by next summer, if at all. Fans of the existing lane are organizing #LoveTheLane, a family-friendly group ride, to express their support. For more information, see lovethelane.ca.