July 27, 2022

Secrets of the Summer City: The Culinary Treasures & Grassy Patio of Discovery Street’s D.I.C.E.D.

Viewpoint Vancouver has a culinary side and we hope you have checked out our posts and secret information on the best places to eat in industrial areas. We have included our industrial hidden gems: Kent Avenue’s  The Northern Cafe, Clark Drive’s The Truck Stop and Burnaby’s The Fraser Park Restaurant on Byrne Road.

Now in the summer where are the best patios? You know, the ones close to transit, grassed, with easy access for a stroll on the beach? No, not at the Jericho Sailing Centre but close. Have you been to the D.I.C.E.D restaurant on Discovery Street? This is a culinary secret passed on by Viewpoint Vancouver’s Dr. Bourgelat.

It is with relief to find out that Trip Advisor had completely missed this restaurant with its huge outside grassy patio with a ranking of 1,679 out of 2,478 restaurants in Vancouver. But then again no one has written a  Trip Advisor review on D.I.C.E.D -yet.  Until that happens, we hope you explore this extraordinary local secret.

D.I.C.E.D is  an unique concept of food and education and is located at 1515 Discovery Street in the north end of the Jericho Hostel.

D.I.C.E.D stands for “Diverse innovation in culinary educational development”.

This restaurant is actually an innovative school developed by Executive Chef Don Guthro who operates a culinary school at the restaurant for “aspiring cooks and hard-working individuals.” Chef Guthro  has worked internationally in Europe with a focus on France and Italy.

Chef Guthro originally founded the NS Culinary Educational Society that became the D.I.C.E.D. Culinary School, creating a self-funded socially sound business model investing in people.

Proceeds from Chef Guthro’s catering company, restaurant and associated work support D.I.C.E.D. Culinary School by providing affordable education and full scholarships to qualified applicants.

Chef Guthro is working with Chef Quang Dang formerly of the West and C restaurant who has also participated in the “culinary olympics” the Bocuse D’Or in France.

Hayley Adam is the cooking school’s instructor. Ms. Adam holds  a degree in education and  and is also a graduate of the Dubrulle Culinary Institute.

On to the food. Since it is summer, you probably want to sit outside in the grassed enclosed area at a picnic table with a very handy sun umbrella. And this is where your culinary adventure begins. Everything here is made from scratch.  And wait until you view  the price of the various food offerings.

Prices  are way way below what food of this quality and calibre should be charging. But this restaurant wants to be accessible to all, no matter what their budget and they succeed with kind service, and a menu with prices from the last century.


The menu is ever changing and is written on a sheet of paper which also invites you to ask about the specials of the day. There is a superb beet salad, and the hamburgers are priced under six dollars. The hamburgers are freshly ground beef prepared in the kitchen , and you can order a side order of “diced” (actually crimped) real handmade french fries.

Hamburgers and fries for two with a shared beet salad and coffee was less than at a certain fast food restaurant. The food is scrumptious, the service is great, the prices are low, so please follow Viewpoint Vancouver’s lead and think about a hefty tip supportive of this innovative program, good food, and tremendously fine summer patio experience.

Word is already out about this patio and the accompanying restaurant: there were people from the United Kingdom and from the Guernsey Islands having their last bite on Canadian soil at D.I.C.E.D. before heading for the airport.

You can take a look at the YouTube video below where Chef Guthro  describes the D.I.C.E.D. concept and philosophy.  You can check out the hours and other culinary services of D.I.C.E.D. at this link.

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