August 10, 2021

Secret of Burnaby: Hidden Industrial Gem-The Fraser Park Restaurant

What is it about Metro Vancouver industrial areas that have  some of the best culinary finds that are fresh, delicious and also reasonable to purchase? Last month I wrote about the Northern Cafe tucked on top of a hardware store in a Kent Street lumberyard in Vancouver’s industrial area.

After a tip from an avid Viewpoint Vancouver reader, Viewpoint Vancouver’s culinary team ventured to the Fraser Park Restaurant located at 4663  Byrne Road in Burnaby’s industrial park near the Fraser River.

Don’t look for a big fancy sign or facade, this restaurant is tucked away in unit 105 of an industrial complex. It is south of North Fraser Way, and close to the Burnaby Fraser River Foreshore walkway where you can wander to after your meal.

You can recognize you are in the right place when you see the picnic tables and the rocking horse outside the front of the restaurant. There’s no reservations, and the restaurant is open from 7:00 a.m to 2:00 p.m. Be patient, if the tables are full you are welcome to a cup of coffee (you get to choose the mug you would like and fill it up yourself) and told not to worry, the cost will be added to your bill once you are seated.

It’s a perfect plan. Fraser Park Restaurant serves the industrial area as the local go to place, and the unpretentious facade hides the detailed menu within. You line up to place your order, and there is a fusion of German and Filipino food to choose from that represent the national cuisines of the two owners who are now in their 24th year of business.  The tables have checked tablecloths on them and there is a constant bustle of people of all ages and backgrounds ponying up to order.

The food is direct, upfront, with no pretentions. The portions are ample. You can go online and view the menu here including the German Breakfast.

The German Breakfast is the  classic order here and includes three scrambled eggs, with sauteed peppers and cheese with a side of hashbrowns, real Canadian bacon, ham, potato pancake and toast. The Filipino touch comes with an inspired hot oil and curry mayo. It’s a sumptuous  feast. There’s also the German Deluxe breakfast which adds schnitzel (of course) and gravy.

While we were there the kitchen ran out of schnitzel. But no worries, we could hear them making more of it in the kitchen. Schnitzel is made by pounding out meat, breading it and frying it minimally for  a “crunch” to the shell. It’s a traditional art performed to perfection here.

You can also get pancakes that overwhelm your plate. When the plates come to the table they are hot, and  actually served on two doubled plates, which comes in handy should you choose to share your meal with table mates.


Don’t worry about ordering too little, the sumptuous servings assume you are doing an honest hard day’s work for a living. The staff are quick to check you are happy, and refills of coffee at the front counter are absolutely free. You are also welcome to take a pitcher of ice cold water to your table.


After your meal, you can amble the industrial area which also has Surplus Sam’s and the Avalon Dairy where you can pretend to go for milk and actually get the best ice cream.  You can also walk part of Burnaby’s  Fraser River Foreshore Trail  at the south end of this street.

The YouTube video below outlines more of the offerings at the Fraser Park Restaurant.

Look for us there.


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      Jim Stuart it was 30 celsius and we were there early morning! But yes we need to go back for the soups when it is cooler. A most excellent idea. Thank you!

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