January 12, 2022

Mario Canseco’s New Survey: Affordable Housing In British Columbia-Who Do We Trust to Deliver?



In one of his first postings of this new year, Mr Canseco has produced a new poll  outlining what we collectively think about in terms of who politically can deliver much needed affordable housing.

Eight hundred adults in the province were contacted between December 21 and December 23.

The Provincial New Democratic Party (NDP) currently in power “has the highest level of trust from residents, while for-profit developers are at the bottom.” 

The Provincial government under the NDP had  55 percent of respondents saying that they trusted them to deliver on affordable housing. The numbers were much lower for a Provincial government led by the BC Liberal Party at 36 percent and for the BC Green Party which was at 33 percent.

The surprise is that 73 percent of  voters across the voting spectrum have confidence in the NDP government to manage affordable housing. As Mr. Canseco states “More than two-in-five of those who cast ballots for the BC Liberals (47%) and the BC Greens (45%) in 2020 also trust the current provincial administration on this file.”

In terms of the Federal government only 39 percent felt confidence in the Liberals’ affordable housing delivery. Forty percent of women and B.C. voters between 18 to 34 (at 46 percent)  were more likely to think the Federal Liberals could provide affordable housing policy.  The Federal NDP if leaders were assessed at 51 percent, and the Conservatives got the lowest percentage at 32 percent.

The big news is who British Columbians trust: nearly half trust the current Provincial government to provide affordable housing. But not so much for developers in this province: 19 percent trust developers, and not-for-profit developers were trusted by 49 percent of the survey sample.

You can take a look at Research.co’s data here. But it’s clear in this data sample that the Provincial NDP are seen as at the forefront in working across the Province, trusted to lead in affordable housing policy and implementation.



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