January 12, 2022

Dream Jobs Jar: Senior Public Space Project Manager

Here’s a dream job out of the jobs jar: Senior Public Space Project Manager at the City of Vancouver. Applications close on January 23, 2022.

Streets are among the City’s greatest public space assets. As the City grows and densifies these spaces become an even more critical component of the liveability, inclusivity, and vitality of the city. Street Activities, as a part of the Public Space and Street Use Division, collaborates with external community partners and multiple internal City departments to deliver new public spaces, manage some of the City’s public space assets, and support the use of streets and public spaces for cultural expression, social connection and gathering, community-building, and economic vitality.

The Street Activities Branch is seeking a talented Senior Public Space Project Manager to oversee our public space Planning and Partnership and Design teams. The primary responsibilities of this position are to: co-manage our plaza and parklet programs; coordinate with internal partners to address some of the most acute public space needs in the city; support external partners and communities interested in public gathering spaces and placemaking, particularly as a form of cultural redress; and lead many of the branch’s more complex public space projects and pilots that advance our public life goals. This work requires strong collaboration with internal partners, external community partners, and multiple teams within Street Activities. It also requires strong leadership, project management and creative problem-solving skills. and project management.

Key Contacts and Reporting Relationships

This position will report directly to the Streets Activities Branch Manager and supervise unionized and exempt staff within the Branch. Key external contacts include community partners such as non-profits, community organizations and business improvement associations as well as institutional partners like TransLink or the Province of BC. Internal partners include: Transportation, Social Policy, Cultural Services, Park Board, Planning, Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services, Risk Management, etc.

You can find out more about this position by clicking this link.


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