January 1, 2022

Puzzle Pic: Answer to “Where is this?”

A separated bike route.  Where is it?

Guest got it: It’s Seattle – Second and Vine.  But at first glance, it could easily be mistaken for Vancouver’s Hornby bikeway.  \

And that raises the question: where did the design come from and which came first?  Is this an engineering standard, or did Vancouver evolve the detailing, notably the planter-box separation, on its own – and Seattle followed?  If so, is there an engineering team at City Hall that should get credit?

Here at VWPT, we care about these things.

Thanks to Daily Scot for contribution.

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  1. The concrete planters (with accessory stand rail) were the first product from DezignLine. One of them stopped a runaway metro bus from taking out a signal pole and building (photos available…) The mini-signals on Second were the first installed in Seattle. SDOT traffic engineer @DonghoChang contributed to the design along with Peter Trinh, PE. US guidance from NACTO as first implemented by Alta Planning + Design in Lincoln, Nebraska.

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