November 12, 2020

Transport 2050: Remote Work and the Future of Transportation

Remote working, fad or future?

The pandemic has had a major impact on transportation, including prompting a massive shift towards working from home. At the outset of the public health crisis, one in ten Canadians traded their work commutes for a home office to ensure social distancing. With the remote-work trend presenting major challenges and opportunities for employers and employees alike, many are asking if mass tele-commuting will endure.

TransLink’s Transport 2050 conversation about remote work and transportation will discuss the trends, impacts, and how remote work can fit into the future of regional transportation.


  • Eve Hou, Manager of Policy, TransLink (facilitator)
  • Patricia Mokhtarian, Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering and Associate Director, Institute of Transportation Studies, Georgia Tech
  • Havi Parker-Sutton, Director, Sales – Enterprise Health & Crowns, Telus
  • Leah Riley, Managing Director, Nelson\Nygaard and former Director, Portland Bureau of Transportation


Tuesday, November 24

10 – 11:15 AM

Registration link here         



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