May 31, 2018

This is 40: Georgia Viaduct South

More retrospective eye candy from ‘Changing Vancouver‘ blog co-author Andy Coupland; this time, the view from the Georgia Viaduct, looking south, from 1978, 2003, and earlier this month:

Again, the eastbound viaduct will also soon retire, eliminating this perspective from future rounds. Unless, of course, Andy can finagle his way into one of the towers clustered in the area.

Which brings us to the “alt take” from this series.

A new Aquilini rental tower, designed by Walter Francl, obscures the view that  represents the true, third viewpoint.

In order to avoid this curious but unavoidable obstruction, Andy had to move his camera position further up the viaduct to generate the inaccurate, but more informative view we see above.

Yet, this pretty much says it all:

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  1. That row of towers behind science world is just the worst. They’re like a giant picket fence. Hopefully future plans/developments allow for it to become a more organic looking cluster.