May 31, 2018

Our Looming Tower’s Big Sister

urbanYVR posted a pic of a project to be built across from Vancouver House:

Pinnacle takes wraps off gateway tower at 601 Beach Crescent:

The design said to be inspired by the poised form of a “strong female figure” — designed to counter the masculine “broad shoulders” of Vancouver House. …

Together, the two towers will form a gateway to downtown Vancouver, although the Pinnacle tower will be 535 ft. (163m), slightly higher than Vancouver House at 493 ft. (150m). …

In 2016, Pinnacle International acquired the site from the City of Vancouver with a successful bid of $20 million, contingent on the delivery of non-market housing along with any tower proposal. …

The Pinnacle tower was designed by JYOM International of Shanghai, China, co-founded by Vancouver native Kandice Emmie Kwok. GBL Architects is the architect of record

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  1. ” the poised form of a “strong female figure” — designed to counter the masculine “broad shoulders” of Vancouver House. ”

    With descriptive language like that I fully reserve the right to describe both of these buildings as manifestly phallic. Just what the world needs: architectural dick pics.

  2. Rezoning Application – 601 Beach Crescent (54 Granville Gateway Story tower) Open House is Scheduled for Monday, November 26, 2018 to provide comments and ask questions.

    A community open house will be held from 5-8 pm on Monday, November 26, 2018 at the Executive Hotel, Portofino Room, 1379 Howe Street, with the applicant team and City staff available to answer questions.

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