June 6, 2017

Ending the Referendum Requirement – Response from Sam Sullivan

Sam Sullivan, the Liberal MLA from Vancouver-False Creek, is the first to respond to the “Price Tags Initiative to End the Referendum Requirement” – henceforce know as PTERR.
Sam: Speaking personally, expediting new transit service is a much higher priority than a new referendum. I would be in favour of removing the referendum requirement if an agreement for funding the Mayor’s plan can be achieved among the three levels of government.
(Price Tags will compile all the responses at a separate post called PTERR.)



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  1. This sounds like Sam Sullivan should cross the floor and become a Green MLA. It is, after all, his party that has caused the problem while the Greens have campaigned on working with the mayor’s council for a fair way for the region to raise the necessary funds.

  2. Nice safe answer .. and if an agreement between the three levels of government cannot be found, then what ?

    1. 1. Keep trying through intelligent persuasion.
      2. Increase the NDP-G majority and act decisively on their policies. Federal seats are now at stake.
      3. Work co-operatively with local mayors and citizens. This one sounds motherhood, but for 16 years the province has purposely created a gulf and arrogantly mistreated local government.