June 6, 2017

PTERR – Price Tags Initiative to End the Referendum: Responses

Responses to the Price Tags Initiative to End the Referendum (more here) in the order received:
June 6, 2017
SAM SULLIVAN – Liberal, Vancouver-False Creek
Speaking personally, expediting new transit service is a much higher priority than a new referendum. I would be in favour of removing the referendum requirement if an agreement for funding the Mayor’s plan can be achieved among the three levels of government.
June 19, 2017
As an MLA who represents a community where 70% percent of us bike, bus, or walk to get to work I know the benefits of strong investments in public transit, and transportation infrastructure.
To answer your question – a BC New Democrat Government will get rid of the referendum requirement that has delayed progress on fixing lower mainland traffic congestion, and improving our transit system.
We will also work with Metro Vancouver municipalities to develop a new Translink governance model that provides the structure, the funding model and the certainty to make good transportation decisions to manage the system well, and most importantly, to get people to and from home, work and school faster.
Thank you for your continued work, and passion for a livable region,

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  1. Sorry Sam – I do not agree with you at all on this. Maybe it’s a good thing the Liberals lost the election after all if you want to support the Mayor’s congestion-inducing transit plan.

    1. Everybody can raise taxes, accumulate debt debt debt and spend more. That is easy. The trick is to live within one’s means, spend money efficiently, don’t overpay for service providers and use a collected $ once only. It is about priorities. That is what we expect from elected officials, not merely spend spend spend, tax tax tax, debt debt, debt …