September 7, 2016

Streetcars — Toronto's Lessons For NYC

Today’s New York Times discusses how that city is cranking up planning for a proposed streetcar line.  They’ve hired Adam Giambrone, a former chairman of the Toronto Transit Commission, to run the planned $2.5 billion waterfront route.


One of Toronto’s 11 streetcar lines, which total 67 miles with 424 stops

Lots of thought (this is the Times after all), and anticipation of opposition. But it closes with this terrific quote from Samuel I. Schwartz, a former city traffic commissioner:

“I’ve worked in this city for 45 years,” Mr. Schwartz said, “and frankly, if God came down and proposed the Garden of Eden, people would protest that.”

Sounds like a person clearly in touch with the people.
This REPORT is packed with information on the streetcar biz and this project. The proposed system is 16 miles long with around 30 stops.  Among other planning considerations — on-board Wi-Fi & bikes, effect on bike lanes, and proximity to CitiBike stations. Interestingly, the projected ridership is 45,000 to 50,000 per day; the overall cost $2.5 B.

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  1. Nice to see a comment or two here on an efficient, affordable form of transit that has been mostly missing from the transportation discussion in Vancouver when other North American cities are investing in both LRT and streetcars. False Creek anyone?

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