September 7, 2016

Yes — A Million

I visited the Burrard Bridge bike counter on Monday, Sept 5, 2016 at around 11:30, but I missed the big flip-over to 1,000,000 bike rides on the bridge. Probably by about an hour or so.
These people, tourists (clearly) and a local, stopped to audibly oooh and ahhh over the big bike number.


We ride bikes here.

The date is later than 2015 (by 14 days), which is odd considering the steady growth in number of people on bikes.  Perhaps it’s Burrard construction, or a rainy spring, or natural variation in large numbers, or maybe anti-bike propaganda is finally winning the day. In any case, it’s earlier than any year for which data is available, except 2015.

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  1. I suspect that it is because the weather hasn’t been as good as last year. It would be interesting to find out the impact of construction (potentially negative) and Mobi (potentially positive) on the numbers.

    1. I think the difference is negligible. You have to have a few years worth of data and compare the longer term trends.
      How many bike trips across the bridge are there in a year compared to in 2006?

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