August 18, 2015

Claiming the Lane: Seattle

Further to the post below on the Telus laneway, Kenneth Chan at Vancity Buzz did an item on it a few years ago: “Telus Garden to bring pedestrianized laneways to Vancouver



Haven’t been able to find an update since then, but the above looks strikingly similar to a current proposal in Seattle for one of their laneways:

Seattle lane


More about that and other lanes in this item from Good submitted by Sandy James:

Seattle Plans to Turn Its Dark Alleys Into Bright Community Hubs

In a release put out on June 8th by the Seattle Department of Transportation, city officials announced plans to renovate and refurbish a number of Seattle’s alleys with both structural and cosmetic improvements, in order to “turn these utilitarian passageways into inspiring and enlivening elements of the city.” The city’s Canton and Nord Alleys, as well as its “Pioneer Passage,” will be the first three areas to receive upgrades:.


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