May 19, 2015

City Conversations: Generation Squeezed – May 21

Generation Squeezed: better educated and harder working, for less money and fewer benefits


A 29-year old-presenter at our last City Conversation complained that her generation can’t afford to live in Vancouver. But housing is only part of the problem for Canadians under 40. They’re doing what they’ve been told is the way to a better life— get smart, work hard— but they’re not seeing a payoff. A recent Globe and Mail editorial argued it’s because they don’t vote, and are being ignored by all the political parties. Others think it’s because they aren’t effectively organized.

What’s the evidence for generational inequality, and what’s to be done? Our presenters are taking different approaches to the challenge. UBC’s Dr. Paul Kershaw, Associate Professor at UBC’s School of Population and Public Health, is the founder of Generation Squeeze, a national lobbying group. Anastasia Gaisenok is the Executive Director of Check Your Head, a youth-driven social action group based in Vancouver. Tara Mahoney is a PhD student in Communications at SFU, a filmmaker, and co-founder and Creative Director of Gen Why Media.


Thursday, May 21
12:30 – 1:30 pm
SFU Vancouver at Harbour Centre – 515 W. Hastings Street (Room 1600)

Free event

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