Lots of people use the bike lanes.  People on bikes, people running, film crews.

The film crew is an annoying situation, because there are acres of empty asphalt all around this plaza. My (totally unsubstantiated) guess is that the bike lane is more convenient parking for the film crew.


Ohrn BL 1


Ohrn BL 2

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  1. This has been a pet peeve of mine for quite some time in this location. Now that there’s an official painted route it seems high time for some complaining… 😉

    Anyone know if this is actually CoV land, or if it’s public access across private property? Not sure who’s actually responsible for it…

    1. Someone told me that it’s not CoV land but owned by private owners. The Seawall through it is a special arrangement of the City with the private owners.

      But eventually, it would be great if the Seawall went around south of casino building there anyway. That probably will only happen as part of a development there. I hope they keep that little bit of park with the nice trees.

  2. If this is all you have to complain about… then life must be pretty dam good here. No bombs going off in your yard, relatives being kidnapped or your neighbourhoods starving or having no clean water to drink. Geez people! You’ve never biked, jogged or walked outside the lines before? I love people who complain about film parking then go home and turn on their tv’s or go watch a movie. Film Companies have to pay for permits at every location and are told specifically where to park by the City or Private Owners. Can’t we all just get along?

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