May 7, 2015

Big increase in density proposed for Sinclair Centre

Sinclair Centre 2


Frank Ducote alerts PT to an inquiry from the federal government for what could be a major change to the Sinclair Centre in this report:

This report seeks Council direction on whether it is willing to consider a rezoning application to increase the commercial density on the Sinclair Centre site while maintaining as much heritage structure in tact as possible …

In 2014 Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) shared with City staff a ‘letter of enquiry’ outlining a proposed revitalization project for the buildings.  They envisage that Sinclair Centre would be one of two Canadian Government office ‘hubs’ in the Lower Mainland (the other in Surrey City Centre) with the addition of more office space to consolidate their holdings across the downtown. PWCGS would like to work with the City to explore the possibility of further developing the site beyond what the current density permitted by the existing CD-1 zoning. PWGSC have advised that the scope of their proposal could include:

  • The provision of up to approximately 100,000 m2 or 1.1 million ft2 of office space and the complex is envisaged as a hub of federal government services (currently there is approximately 40,000 m2 or 390,000 ft2 of floor space in Sinclair Centre).
  • A Proposed FSR up to 17.0 – 20.0 FSR.
  • LEED Gold for new construction and LEED Silver or Gold for renovations of existing buildings.
  • The development will adhere to the City’s urban design considerations, including the View Corridors which limit maximum height to no more than 106.7 m (350 ft.) or approximately 29 commercial storeys.

Staff have not yet reviewed this inquiry from the perspective of urban design, heritage, or acceptable density, pending Council’s decision on this report.



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