May 6, 2015

Ohrn Images: The April Count

Another month of significant growth in people riding bikes across the Burrard Bridge.

Total trips counted in April                      110,155   (29.6% increase over April 2014)
Total trips counted so far in 2015           331,004   (39.7% increase over YTD  2014)

Big thanks to the City of Vancouver for the wonderful improvements in infrastructure at the Burrard/Cornwall intersection and Point Grey Road.

It’s worth noting that the new PGR improvements went into use around March/April 2014, so we are edging into the post-PGR change period, and the growth continues.

The millionth ride should occur somewhere in the last week of July or the first week of August.

Ohrn April  

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  1. Unfortunately, the City has not yet completed the PGR modifications, which is causing problems for users, such as vehicles regularly travelling up and down the bike lane between Bayswater and Macdonald and vehicles regularly driving through the diverters. Moreover, cars and trucks are regularly parking in the signed No Stopping zones on the North side of Point Grey Road. The City is not enforcing the traffic regulations; dangerous driving, road rage and accidents are, consequently, on-going and inevitable without enforcement.

    1. Violators need to be reported. Calling 311 will send parking enforcement out. Also, 311 can be used to report deficiencies such as this. If enough people report these issues, than changes will likely be made.

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