March 5, 2015

Bike lanes: Reducing conflict

Ohrn reports:

A short bike lane is appearing just north of the Edgewater Casino on False Creek. It takes some space from the casino parking lot, and will help eliminate conflicts with people on foot in this busy area. There are more changes to come in the plaza area to the west.

This photo looks north towards the hockey rink, just north of the casino.


Ohrn lane

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  1. This is welcome news. Such a weird pinch point it currently is. Two blind corners, an unnecessary hill (just to go down again immediately), people cycling and people walking thrown together with not enough room to do both in both directions.
    It’s nice to see this fixed.

  2. That’s really just extending the format of the Concord Lands seawall to the east side of the Plaza of Nations.

    1. I don’t think so. I believe it is an interim solution until the lands are eventually developed and proper facilities are built as part of that development.

      There are marking lines painted through the plaza and beside this new construction, ready for paint. It appears that westbound will use the new (narrow) lane, and eastbound will have a painted lane alongside the pedestrian path. A reasonable interim solution for this pinch point. What we will need further is connectivity eastward from the end of this new lane to the Concord sales centre, which is not marked for painting yet.

  3. This should hopefully eliminate the problem of the blind curve by the southeast side of the stage. I have had a few close calls by westbound people cutting the inside of the curve and not paying attention.

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