August 8, 2014

Ohrn Image: How to arrive at a picnic

Jericho Beach:  Note the BBQ, propane and a big bag probably filled with munchies.


Ohrn picnic

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  1. I have the same style (longtail) of bike from a different manufacturer. They are incredibly versatile and becoming a common sight. I used to see maybe one other longtailer a month when I built mine last summer. Now I’m likely to see more than one day. For anyone with the storage space for that extra length and younger-than-teen kids or the occasional large load, they are a great way to cut down on your transit/car rental costs. Too bad the various levels of gov’t don’t offer rebates on their purchase as they do with electric vehicles.

  2. As of February there are no longer rebates on EVs in BC. You can get $500 back for a charger though.

    I also have to say it’s not like a long bike is a big cost with a lot of R&D ongoing. With an EV you’re subsidizing research to the tune of about $10K per car. It’s just a frame with a couple longer tubes of aluminum grafted on…

  3. As a consumer I am uninterested in how much R&D costs the manufacturer, nor do I see a reason why I should subsidize car companies with deep pockets. With long-bikes and e-bikes having a variety of local (BC and Canada) connections to design and manufacturing, those who design the subsidy program missed a great chance to support local innovation and reduce traffic.