July 29, 2014

Ideas Competition: RISE – Sea-level Rise in Metro Vancouver

From SFU Public Square:


This September, SFU Public Square will launch an open ideas competition to address sea level rise in Metro Vancouver as part of their 2014 Community Summit.

RISE will provide the platform for people in Metro Vancouver communities to develop innovative ideas that ensure we adapt and thrive – faster than the waters that surround us.

Pitch your ideas to an influential panel

Participants will be given approximately four weeks to form a team (4 or less) and develop high-level ideas, concepts and designs to address the issue of sea level rise in Metro Vancouver. In a high profile downtown exhibition environment, participants will have the opportunity to impress judges and media, while having the public vote on their ideas.

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Vancouver Sun story here.


My suggestion is that the budget for any proposed project to mitigate sea-level rise be equal to the budget of this:



Since the Massey Bridge will put immense pressure to develop land immediate to its south – namely, the western part of Delta at or below sea-level – we will need to be thinking about how we will defend it from sea-level rise and flooding.  Makes sense, doesn’t it?

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