January 17, 2014

Mapping Gentrification: Rent as a Share of Income

Gladys We wishes there were Canadian versions of these maps in Markers of Gentrification: Mapping Rent as a Share of Income.

Kwelia heat maps visualize rental prices with a detailed, city-wide view of median prices per square foot, as well as median rent as a percentage of median income – an indication of gentrification effects.


San Francisco.  (Go here for interactive map, and toggle between layers.)


New York. (Go here for interactive map.)

Interesting to see that some of the darker sections where renters pay a higher percentage of median income are also where bike use is heaviest.  Likely the same circumstance as in Vancouver, where the difference between income and rent costs are ameliorated by having lower transportation costs.


Also links for Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Austin, Atlanta and Chicago – here.

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