November 4, 2013

Vancouver in 2048: Two views

According to this image used by Fox to promote a TV show:



[As Stephen Quinn noted: “Hey, the viaducts are still there!”]


Or this dystopian view illustrated by Ken Steacy, for the first issue of Vancouver Magazine in the new millennium, edited by Doug Coupland (and featured in Illustrated Vancouver):


Kitsilano, Cornwall and Yew. March 47, 2048, 853 GTX.

Complete ecological and political failure: melted ice caps; a botched hepatitis-K vaccine; mass extinction. Moral Cleansing squads sent by a fiat U.S. government invade Kits to snuff out marijuana smokers and render extinct Vancouver’s 10-storey-high “Superpot” trees – a geneticists’ blend of cannabis, timber bamboo, Douglas fir and bermuda grass

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