July 14, 2021

Big Moves: Urbanist Anthony Perl on Global Agendas, Local Aspirations, and Urban Mobility

All countries have distinctive urban regions, but Canadian cities especially differ from one another in culture, structure, and history.  SFU prof Anthony Perl’s new book Big Moves: Global Agendas, Local Aspirations, and Urban Mobility in Canada (co-authored with Matt Hern and Jeffrey R. Kenworthy) dissects how Canada’s three largest urban regions have been shaped by the interplay of globalized imperatives, aspirations, activism, investment, and local development initiatives.

In this episode Gordon and Anthony examine the various historical triumphs and faux pas of Canada’s Big Three cities, and whether the Canadian tendency toward ‘accommodation through equivocation’ has held us back, or helped us dodge some American urban pitfalls. Sensitive listeners be advised: we talk trolley buses.

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Viewpoint Podcast
Viewpoint Podcast
Big Moves: Urbanist Anthony Perl on Global Agendas, Local Aspirations, and Urban Mobility

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