June 8, 2021

Panels, manels or womels? Podcaster Mo Amir helps Gord unpack the intricacies of modern lexicon

OWG (Old White Guy) Gordon Price enlists the aid of YBG (Young Brown Guy) Mo Amir, for help in unpacking the modern socio-political lexicon.

Can white people be ‘racialized’? Is equity of opportunity the same as equity of outcome? What is privilege, really? Who has it now, and where does the balance tip? And, moreover: what does it really take, to be Gord’s perfect gym buddy?

Join us for a rambling and entertaining conversation as Mo Amir of popular culture podcast This is VANCOLOUR joins Gordon Price for a trip through the landmines of contemporary lexicon.

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The photo of Mo Amir is courtesy of Tracy Giesz-Ramsay, who is not only a skilled photographer but also (of course), a podcaster! Swing your ears over to  Capture Queue for still more conversations with forward-thinking individuals.

Viewpoint Vancouver Podcast
Viewpoint Vancouver Podcast
Panels, manels or womels? Podcaster Mo Amir helps Gord unpack the intricacies of modern lexicon

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