Featured image for “W Memories”

W Memories

Ephrem Cheng sent in this evocative shot of Woodwards – before the blast.…
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What's the Difference ….

What’s the difference between Barcelona and Vancouver?  Here’s a comparison of our rapid-transit systems to the same…
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Sound Familiar?

From Civic Strategies (worth subscribing to): How the Wheels Came Off a Highway Proposal When…
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The Daily Alarm

From today’s Sun: Another 7,000 kilometres of coastline in the Atlantic provinces, British Columbia and…
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Woodwards Rollover

Just in case you miss the update below, you must click here to see Yun…
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Pretty and Pointless

Here’s what a road map of Richmond looks like when every kind of street is…
Featured image for “Urban Design in Action”

Urban Design in Action

Problem: a couple of badly sited Hydro boxes in front of Elsie Roy School near…
Featured image for “Another Good Question”

Another Good Question

What happened to car alarms? I may be totally wrong on this – especially since…
Featured image for “Go Boom, Fall Down”

Go Boom, Fall Down

Woodwards, a homegrown department store, was once the anchor of the Downtown East Side.   When it…
Featured image for “Good Question”

Good Question

What happened to the buskers?  A few years ago, Robson Street was awash in musicians,…
Featured image for “GVRD Fights Back on Gateway”

GVRD Fights Back on Gateway

It’s not clear yet whether this motion from the Greater Vancouver Regional District on elements…
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Mutual Admirerers

In my case, the Vancouver-Portland love-affair is literal. I married an Oregonian. But lots of…
Featured image for “The Daily Alarm”

The Daily Alarm

It used to be that new information on climate change came in every month or…
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Back in 1989, in my second term on City Council, I vividly remember the week…

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