November 14, 2022

Help Wanted: Urbanists in Jakarta

This November, Gord Price will be taking a somewhat delayed (darn pandemic) to visit to Singapore and Jakarta, Indonesia.

In a city like Vancouver, where half us look east for roots and half west, these are two cities that have lessons for us we which may not get with a too-narrow focus on America and Northern Europe.

Jakarta is a city not only worth studying for how it accommodates growth and development but mainly because it is an urban region that has to take climate change very seriously indeed – in part because of sea-level rise and its own sinking geography, in part because it is planning on new urban regions to take pressure off its financial and political capital.

If you are someone who has a background or contemporary knowledge of the region, or know someone who does (and who might be available to meet up in Jakarta), let Gordon know: pricetags (at)


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