January 6, 2022

Pepperoni and Seagulls: Worst Hotel Guest in British Columbia Receives Reprieve

When this story first came out, it seemed to be highly improbable, but as it turns out, it is true.

Two decades ago, a former member of the navy came to Victoria British Columbia from his home in Nova Scotia to a conference with his new employer. He also brought an improbable gift for his former navy pals, and that is the legendary Chris Brothers TNT Pepperoni made in the Maritimes. If you have not had this stuff, it is hot, spicy, and contains a bucketload of saturated fat. And of course Nick Burchill brought out a full suitcase of the pepperoni.

Thinking he could keep the pepperoni cooling in his room by opening the window and leaving the pepperoni  near the draft, Mr. Burchill went into Victoria for a walk. He of course forgot about the Victoria seagulls who entered his room, plundered the pepperoni, and then could not figure out how to get out of the hotel room.

It did not help that Mr. Burchill threw a shoe out the window as well as a towel with a seagull wrapped into it, which landed at the front of the hotel. (The seagull was apparently fine).

The subsequent aftermath earned Mr. Burchill a lifetime ban from the Empress Hotel. In 2018 Mr. Burchill wrote the hotel asking for forgiveness and the chance to come back, in a very detailed letter.  He also explained himself on CBC’s radio show As It Happens. You can view that transcript here.

The YouTube channel British Columbia Stories reads out Mr. Burchill’s apology letter in full complete with illustrations of the event. This is the litany of Mr. Burchill on what happened on the day he was branded “The Worst Hotel Guest”.


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