January 2, 2022

Bikes vs peds – who comes first?

CHATBOX is your chance to eavesdrop on Gordon Price and Sandy James Planner as they joust over our region’s features and foibles.

At the end of December much of southern BC was graced by a massive snow dump, precipitating a grand kerfuffle over what gets plowed first: bike lanes or walking paths and sidewalks. Gord and Sandy jump into the fray.

GORDON: Snow, sidewalks, bike routes and priorities. So much print space and airtime and outrage over something so inconsequential (by comparison to what we’re living through). But what the heck, let’s jump in. Waist deep.

SANDY: OK, so—why is it we only deal with snow when it is snowing? Why can’t we have a policy of keeping people moving no matter what the weather?

GORDON: Well, we do. But this is about our expectations of level of service. And we are very demanding—expecting the same level of performance (or better) at an exceptional time….


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