November 17, 2021

New Walking Assessment Tool: WalkRollMap unfolds in Victoria B.C.

Currently there is no resource where you can find a map that describes where  to walk, what the conditions are like, and have comments on it about what people have seen or experienced at locations along the walk.

A project developed at the University of Victoria, Simon Fraser University and Memorial University (NL) and funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada has now gone “live”.  University of Victoria’s Karen Laberee is the project manager.  and can provide updated information on walking locations, missing amenities, and allows for “crowdsourcing” where individuals can provide information on crashes and incidents along the route.

This website is shaped after the successful The data of is shared with municipalities and local groups to inform and to make the walking environment safer and easier to traverse.

While contributing to the site is anonymous, basic data of the contributor is gathered to ascertain who this app is reaching.  You can click on this link to see the WalkRollMap for Metro Vancouver and click down on the icons to read the comments left to date.

It’s a great initiative to provide “truthness” in walking location conditions and to provide real time updates on crashes and serious injuries.  You can click on this link to access the website  map for the project.


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  1. Easy fix ,red light cameras, fines goes to owner of the vehicle and a money maker for municipalities .You will see how quickly people stop for red lights when you get a $300 dollar fine

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