November 17, 2021

Fall Leaves: Traffic Calming & False Creek South Public Art

What to do when you have too many leaves and a very wide street? Why not create your very own boulevard bulge, providing a clear way of walking on the travelled portion of the road while experimenting with how narrow the street actually needs to be for traffic calming and for making it easier to use the street by foot or by bike.

And then there is the individual in Farmington Pennsylvania that took the whole street narrowing thing to a whole new level. See below.

But perhaps the best use of leaves was this wonderful labyrinth like design installed in front of one of the condominium buildings in False Creek South. It lasted for one day, but  its detail and execution brought smiles to all passers-by. The images show the work of instagram’s @rakemob who makes remarkable designs and patterns, stunningly ephemeral, and like a dry Fall day, a passing moment in time.

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