November 4, 2021

Vancouver’s Canopied Streets in November

This time of year everyone has a favourite Vancouver street to walk and bike along that has a great overarching canopy. You may like the Liriodendrons on Tenth Avenue near Alma, but the tree canopy along Blenheim Street from King Edward Avenue to 33rd Avenue is pretty spectacular as well.


In Vancouver the Street Tree Bylaw regulates the care and maintenance of street trees and that is under the management of the Park Board. In the hot droughty summers the public has been asked to consider watering street trees to help them along.

You can also explore the City of Vancouver’s open data portal here to find out more about street trees in your area. Vancouver has over thirty species of  street trees which include Vancouver “giant sequoiadendron, elm, maple, chestnut, oak and liriodendron to robinia, ash, hawthorn, birch, linden, beech and hornbeam.” There are colour illustrations of some of these species in this Vancouver Sun article here.

There is also a local Vancouver Trees app you can download on your phone to find out the types of trees in the city, developed by Landscape Architect Douglas Justice. You can find out more about that here.

Enjoy the walk in the Fall leaves, and please leave comments on your favourite Fall street tree walk.


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