October 28, 2021

Translink unveils TRANSPORT 2050, and Policy Development Manager Eve Hou is here to spill the beans.

Big news for the Region! Translink has just unveiled Transport 2050: its blueprint for the next 30 years of regional mobility. Gordon talks to Translink Manager of Policy Development Eve Hou about the evolution of this important document, and what Translink sees coming down the long-range pipes. Will we have a future of integrated mobility: transit pass, car-share, and share-bike, all in one handy package? Translink calls it “mobility as a service”. The acronym is ACES — automated, connected, electric, and shared — and it’s all part of the big picture.

Plus: working from home in the post-pandemic world, inter-regional lines, confronting the climate emergency, fighting the war on cars, and raising a new generation of transit nerds. Listen in as Translink spills the beans.

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  1. Yes, kudos to Translink for doing a relatively good job overall, but I can’t help but grit my teeth a bit when I hear about a Translink manager that doesn’t actually use transit in their daily life… Why not make it part of one’s job to personally use it about half the time, along with the other modes?

    Integrated mobility seems promising. Will Translink use its leverage to have Evo pick up/drop zones at all Skytrain stations, as part of an all-around transportation package? Modo’s there in some places, but not enough vehicles available to make it part of a viable alternative to vehicle ownership in the suburbs.

    1. This may seem petty but does the plan include installing public washrooms in all TransLink stations, please? Might that remove a barrier to using transit regularly for some people… many people? Sorry I’d write more but I gotta go.

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