October 26, 2021

Free Walkinar: Great Partners & Creative Approaches for Promoting Safe Walking

Walking is an activity that’s part of daily life and is recognized as a healthy transportation choice. In fact, walking is the State of Maryland’s official state exercise. But with issues of pedestrian safety and access, many communities recognize walking – and improving the walkability of our neighborhoods – are goals that require public attention and action.

The  Walkinar  hosted by the Maryland Department of Planning, will help planners, local officials, stakeholders and the public at large learn how to advocate for safe walking infrastructure. Walkinar panelists will highlight pedestrian-focused topics such as safety, health, infrastructure, and enforcement, as well as successful pedestrian programs throughout the State.

Date: Thursday, October 28, 7:30 a.m., Pacific Time

You can register for this event by clicking here.

The Walkinar series concludes with a look at some of the fun ways that communities are promoting safe walk activities in Maryland.   MDOT will highlight examples from the Made You Look and Look Alive campaigns that have engaged pedestrians in and around Baltimore.  Panelists will also hear lessons learned from the successful partnership of the University of Maryland Extension and LiveWell Frederick to launch the Story Path initiative, aimed at expanding participation in walk events by people of all ages.   Panelists:

  • Catherine Sorensen, StoryPath, Frederick
  • Quinton Batts & Vilde Ulset, Made You Look, Baltimore
  • Kenna Swift, Sherry Matthews Group, Signal Woman


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